In 2015 I will be mostly...

Clashing colours

And prints

Making the useful, beautiful
And the beautiful, useful
Adding glamour to the everyday
Mixing dark and light
Noting down the gorgeous
Investing in future classics
Feeling the love
Earning more brass

What about you?

Thank you for checking in on me this year. Starting my new blog has been a great adventure and I am excited about growing it in 2015. Come back soon. Wishing you health, happiness and house candy in the coming year, love from Claire xx


With 5 days to Christmas, House Candy gave to me...

5 Gold Things

4 Fancy Letters

3  Hens Eggs

2 Best Friends

And my favourite feathered wreath

May your house be filled with love and laughter this Christmas time xx


This way for Christmas

I am loving this beautiful new door wreath, hand made by my clever friends at Teasel and Tansy for our town's local Christmas Market. It features scraps of fabric and hand stitched rosettes in all the rich jewel colours I adore - The perfect accessory set against modern grey paintwork. 

I have it on good authority that most wreaths are fairly simple and inexpensive to make and for those that have the time and creativity, how cool is it to say you made your own? 

Whether natural twisted willow is your thing or you're all about neon pompoms, there's a wreath out there to suit your persuasion. So shame on you if you've re-hung last year's artificial pine number, complete with tartan bow and plastic berries. Show your door some love people!

If you're still stuck for ideas, check out my Pinterest board for starters. Pinterest board - Wreaths