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Pitter Patter

$795 www.christianlouboutin.com
I am so excited to be welcoming my new baby into the world next week. 

After nine months of nurturing, this ‘lil blog of mine is ready to emerge all fresh faced and hopeful, thanks to a brand spanking new web design.

 So whilst I prepare a feast of new posts and juicy features ready for her arrival, I thought it was a good time to reflect on everything I’ve been craving during My House Candy maternity. And wow what a hungry mamma I’ve been.

Click here for 9 months of: My House Candy Cravings

Meanwhile, I’m just a teeny bit anxious as we enter the final week of voting in the #IBA15 Best Newcomer Category and there’s only one way to deal with this issue.

Happy weekend all xx
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Beg, Borrow, Steal: Geometry

Beg, Borrow and Steal is my brand new blog feature and also happens to be my tried and trusted decorating formula.
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As you know (and if you didn’t you should) a mix of designer, second hand and high street purchases makes for a rich and inspiring interior style. So each week I will be looking at a current trend and deciding what I will need to beg, borrow and steal to work that look at home.

Sound a bit like a 90s game show? Cool, because it sort of is and the star prize is a house full of totally on trend House Candy.

So let’s get started. This week’s chosen subject is:


It’s not just me, right? Geometric designs are on everyone’s style radar at the moment. In the fashion world the name to be dropping is obviously Roskanda, whose bold graphic colour blocking is totally worthy of its celebrity status.

Roskanda graphic print dress £1185, www.mytheresa.com

If bags are your thing, this Maison Valentino beauty is probably on your AW15 wish list. Whichever angle you are coming from, this piece points to high end fashion.

So how do I work this super luxe, super stylish geometric look at my place?

1. Beg


Each season there is usually one item I’m prepared to beg for.  This season it’s a luxurious hand tufted pure New Zealand wool rug by Queen of cool floors Sonya Winner (which means I don’t mind kneeling, one little bit). 

The brand new Rothko-esque Deep rug is where catwalk meets carpet. To get on the FROW, head to design trade show Tent London from 24-27 September, where Sonya’s latest collection of rugs and cushions will be officially launched. 

Just like the designer handbag, one carefully selected statement piece is all you need to update a whole look. Inspired by the work of abstract expressionist artist Mark Rothko, this range layers rich planes of intense colour to create vibrant sculptural masterpieces. And it must be blooming good because it has just been nominated for a SBID 15 International Design Excellence award. How’s that for a statement?

Great news for colour cowards is that you can do Rothko-esque too. Keep the cool lines but tone the scheme down with this classy grey version.

Rothko-esque grey rug www.sonyawinner.com
So many times I have searched for the perfect rug only to find it doesn’t work within the space intended. Joyously, all Sonya’s rugs are available in a wide range size options. This one starts from £1,195 (for a medium 1.4m x 1.7 m size) and can even be custom made to your requirements. 

Different pile heights within the rugs give the Rothko-esque range a three dimensional quality - an artistic trait which is testimony to Sonya Winner’s design credentials. Nominated for an Elle Decoration award following the launch of her pioneering Kalaidoscope range, Sonya is now a firm favourite with designers and buyers in the know. Her iconic After Matisse rug (below) is already a design classic and if you’re really going out there with this geometric trend at home, this is the investment piece to get saving for.  

2. Borrow

This part of the feature is about borrowing pieces from a bygone era. It’s rare that a trend comes around that hasn’t been done before, which means there is always a way to work the look with second hand or vintage pieces. 

All these lovely geometric angles and sharp shapes have got me into modernist furniture shopping frenzy. I’ve long been a fan of 50s furniture brand Parker Knoll and distinctly remember a good friend of mine scoffing at a pair of teak arm chairs I bought for £10 and had reupholstered five years ago. Whose laughing now seat snobbo?

I’m now on the hunt for one like this, for which I was recently cruelly outbid on Ebay.

By the way, if you were the winner, please can it be reupholstered in retro turquoise and re-listed with a very generous Buy It Now Price pre-Xmas? Cheers.

3. Steal

Geometric print cushion, £7 Asda
Sometimes I find it in the supermarket and want the world to know about it (see my last post for that trendy trolley dash). Sometimes it’s one of those budget store finds that I slyly sneak to the cash desk in fear that somebody put on the wrong price tag. Know the feeling? I’m talking about bargains - and bang-on-trend bargains at that. Having already written about my pocket slapping Asda exploits (which featured geometric designs a plenty), I wanted to share with you another stylish steal that should really have been a lot more expensive.

This huge zig zag velvet floor cushion has given my boring green sofa a bit of geo-magic too. Lovingly handmade by gorgeous haberdashery and workshop Violet Lux in my favourite seaside spot of Scarborough, this whopper would have had a hefty price tag if it were sold in a swanky department store. Instead it cost just £30, which just goes to show that it is always worth checking out your local independent shops and craft markets for a design savvy steal.

And that’s this week’s geometric inspired Beg, Borrow, Steal shopping list. How does it measure up? 
Let me know your thoughts below. 


Well of course you can if you really want to (God knows I could use the help) but if you wait until next week I’ll give you a brand new blog design that will most definitely be worthy of your precious clicks. 



New Season Trolley Dash

I came back from holiday with a poor excuse for a tan and a great excuse for a shopping spree. A new season has arrived and fresh interior collections are dropping faster than crisp autumn leaves. The only trouble with this (for weak willed fashion bunnies* such as me) is that it is entirely possible to pop to the supermarket for a loaf of bread and come back with a whole new room update. I know, because I did. Image Map

Asda is bang on the money with its ever improving George at Home range. Avoid this isle at all costs if you also have the willpower of a gnat when it comes to lovely home accessories.

Here’s the result of my super stylish supermarket sweep:

Cushions, cushions, cushions. They are my achilles heel and at the risk of sounding like my mum, nothing makes it easier to ring the changes than a new set of cushions for the sofa.
Trace Geormetric cushion £7 www.direct.asda.com

This geometric trend is coming at me from every angle and I don’t mind at all. At £7 a pop, these cushions provided me with my new season colour inspiration for less than the price of a takeaway pizza. nom nom.

I had to throw in this hello sunshine accent cushion for a smiley fiver. Rude not to, no?

Scatter cushion £5 www.direct.asda.com

The nights are drawing in and there’s no escaping it. There are two options here: 
1) Moan about it.
2) Embrace the darker evenings by lighting up your home with gorgeous mood enhancing candles.

I won't judge you, but if option two sounds like more fun don’t delay in getting these babies in your trolley because I predict a sell out.

The geometric design tea light holder in glamorous gold on a white ceramic base is ridiculously cool and totally worthy of a designer price tag. Except from Asda it comes in at a pocket slapping four quid. Take me to church.

Geometric ceramic tea light holder £4 www.direct.asda.com

And finally, here’s a tip from one of the coolest Interior Designers on the planet. Abigail Ahern believes in lamps, like, everywhere. At least eight per room she says. I haven’t got enough sockets to see if I agree with that theory (although it’s safe to assume it works) but I do agree with her bizarre suggestion to put a couple of lamps in the kitchen. Somehow the unexpectedness of them sat amongst the crockery makes them magical. 

But frankly I don’t care where you put this glass bell jar, with its clear bulb and antique brass finish. It looks amazing in the kitchen, but could just as easily work by the bed or in the sitting room. Just do me a favour and grab one now before I buy them all up and declare my Christmas shopping over in September.  

Bell Jar lamp £25 www.direct.asda.com

And that’s it. Oh except for the bread. 

Freshly baked, delicious warm Tiger Loaf. It cost a whopping £62.75 but came with three free cushions, a lamp, three tea light holders and a matching scented candle ;-)

Wax candle jar £6 www.direct.asda.com

That’s Asda Price. Slap Slap.


I’d like to thank my family for this experiment in grocery shopping. They have learned that sometimes sacrifices must be made in order to live in a super stylish abode and also that beans on toast is a totally acceptable and nutritious family meal.

*The term Fashion Bunnies belongs to Victoria Beckham. I just borrowed it and as she’s an avid reader of My House Candy I am absolutely sure she won’t mind... Vicky, if you’re on your way to Asda, grab me another cushion will you?

Happy new season all xx


Every Cloud...

Cloud shelf, £30 www.urbanoutfitters.com
It’s back to school time. But don’t worry, because every cloud has a cool geometric print lining. Well this one does anyway and it’s given my new nerdy work nook a new lease of life.

My Nerd Nook is a great place to keep the debris of busy family business all neat and tidy. It’s also given this awkward under the stairs dumping ground a very important purpose.

Lovers of vintage G Plan will be horrified to see that I painted this retro bureau trendy grey and white. Gah! I was foolish to ignore its iconic potential when my mother in law chucked it out 10 years ago, but whilst I loved its modernist shape, I loathed its boring brown-ness.

It’s been a couple of different shades now and though the older, wiser me would love it back in its original glory, I reckon this savvy little dresser quite likes keeping up with the latest trends too.

Writing bureau’s may seem very old school, but they still tick all the right boxes for space saving practicality. If you can’t find a cool vintage one and don’t fancy an up cycle job there are some beautiful contemporary writing desks out there too. This Origami secretary desk makes for a bright and cheerful work spot and may just be a future design classic too.

£767 www.thelongeststay.com
Nerd Nook Nic-Nacs

When I’m writing, I like to surround myself with inspiring objects for a bit of extra motivation. Here’s a few that have made it through the Bank Holiday edit.

This little fellow wooed me from a market stall recently. His job is to bestow me with his infinite wisdom. (Big ask for a little guy. Agreed)

A literary lol in a fun frame beats those dull desk photos right? This frame is from Marks and Spencer.

I’ve always wanted a light box and did actual cartwheels when I unwrapped this beauty for my birthday.  Such a great gift idea from the mecca of great gift ideas www.notonthehighstreet.com

My cut glass jar fetish knows no bounds, but look - they are useful AND pretty and there are worse habits right? This is one of many pencil pots that are dotted around the place. Cheap as greasy school chips.

Always, ALWAYS buy yourself a lovely notebook if you’re embarking upon a big new project or just want to encourage productive list making. I promise you that first-page-neat-writing feeling never goes away. 

I could write you an essay on stationery shopping, but as your time is precious I will cut to the conclusion instead. Paperchase and Urban Outfitters do some sick ones.

Notebook, £6 www.paperchase.co.uk

So that’s my new term nerd nook, fully restocked with fresh paper,  envelopes, paper clips, damn it there’s even a hole punch in there. A* for effort I reckon, but what for attainment? And more importantly, is the tuck shop open yet? 

Happy new term classmates x

PS There’s still time to vote for me in the Amara Living Blog Awards Best Newcomer Category and everyone that votes gets the chance to win another break from work/school too!

There’s a holiday for two on the beautiful Amalfi Coast up for grabs so whatever else is on your to do list, make sure clicking here comes first.