Totes Need Votes


House Candy: noun informal; object of lust and desire intended for one's home
 e.g "Where's mum?" 
"Ogling House Candy" 

I'm eight months into my blogging fantasy and have yet to secure an entry into the urban dictionary. However, I have somehow secured a nomination for #IBA15 Best Newcomer  - and I am the very definition of chuffed about it.

 I'm coming right out and saying that I'm desperate for your vote. I've tried and failed to be cool about it and here's why: My House Candy started out as a bit of fun. A chance for me to write about the stuff I love more than Manolos. In my head I was Carrie Bradshaw (OK minus The City or the designer shoe collection).  But with all of her passion and some of her hair. And I was simply in love with making my space ace.

Now it's more than that. My House Candy is Carrie's Big. It's the thing with a grip on me so bad that I (and ideally also you) demand more. What started out as a laugh now makes me late for the school run and in trouble with the bank. I've come so far and want to go so much further - which I'd like to think is what this newcomer category is all about.

Click on the House Candy Cravings Page for all the kit I've been hollering after this year. 

It might be a limited edition designer piece like this:

Or a cheap as chips junk shop find like this:

I have no standards to which I won't stoop in order to furnish a fashionable home. (See my last post on skip looting for evidence)

Stick with me and I will bring you loads more ideas to help you nail an interiors trend, whatever your budget. I'm also investing in a slick new layout and some fab new clicky/swipey features so that I can look the part too.

In the Best Newcomer category you will see that I'm up against some awesome new blogs and some amazing new bloggers. But worthy as they are, not one of them wants to wear a lovely dress and attend the fancy London finals more than me. Scarily I have to be in the top five for that to happen which means I need every single one of your votes, like Carrie Bradshaw needs Cosmopolitans.

It takes one precious little minute to vote, can you spare one for me please? All you have to do is  click below: 

Yours hopefully,