Part 2: Keeping up with the Bohemians

The Candy Files: What’s hot, what’s not and what’s what at my place. This Week …

House Candy = Hanging Chairs

So now we’re into the swing of this series on boho interiors, I’d like to discuss my recent obsession with hanging stuff. That's because if you really want to nail this vibe, you need to know what makes a bohemian tick.

Google boho homes and you will come across a lot of pictures of hanging chairs. When you think about it, you can understand why. Hanging chairs are not a place to be studious; to do homework or to take an urgent video conference. For that matter, they’re not the ideal seat in which to watch a loud, shouty football match or play championship chess.

Hanging chairs are great for doing nothing in.

For feeling inspired in.

For listening to songbirds in.

For thinking colourful thoughts in.

For writing blogs in? I would be so happy to find out.

This gorgeous natural rope number is now back in stock at cool Cardiff interiors store www.paddeco.com Grab yours now in the hope that summer hangs around for a little bit longer. 


Fine and Candy = Hanging Baskets

Yup, I’m harping on about greenery again. And with good reason, because is there anything else that has the power to change the ambience in a room quite so much as plants? No wonder the bohemians out there love them. And boy do they love them.

They love them in multiples and handmade from crotchet. Get the hang of it here: www.youtube.com

They love them more than curtains: Just enough privacy, not too much blocking of that lovely, inspiring sunlight.

They love simple wire ones. (Well OK, I do) and here’s my effort at making them using wire light bulb shades picked up for £1 at the market. Give them a bit of growing time and they’ll be a little dangling vision of loveliness... honest.

You can get a bigger version of the wire shade from Wilko for £12. Add a cool trailing ivy and you’ve cracked a modern take on the trend. Budget boho bingo.

And bohemians like hanging plants in bedrooms too. Swinging from the rafters. Literally.


Candy Pandy = Hanging Loose

Currently causing a titter on twitter, the bohemian trend to be #braless is officially happening. Kids, there are two things wrong with the onion bag look. Count ‘em.

Thanks so much for hanging around guys. I’m having a lot of fun with this boho theme, have you noticed? Why don’t you let me know your thoughts in the comments section?

Next week I’m cutting some boho shapes on the floor... which reminds me, I’ve got a present to kick start your weekend. Why? ‘Cos I like you and I feel so bohemian like you. Click here www.youtube/dandywarhols you can thank me later. xxxx

PS. Have a great weekend and thanks for all your lovely tweets, follows etc. You would not believe how happy they make me… Needy? Moi? 


Basic Boho Part 1: Walls

The word ‘basic’ has gone up in my estimations ever since Kate Moss catapulted it to very un-basic heights not so long ago. (FYI She called an air steward who wouldn’t fulfil her hungover sandwich demands a Basic Bitch). 

Basic is now in the urban dictionary and, in case you were wondering, its definition is: An adjective used to describe any person, place, activity involving obscenely obvious behaviour, dress, action. 

So when I say let’s start with the basics of boho interior style, I’m automatically thinking of Mossy. I’m thinking of the eternally cool… effortlessly stylish… couldn’t-give-a-flying-fuck supermodel and I’m applying her celebrated style manners to the anything-but basic boho wall situation.


Some people can live with vibrant colour on the walls. Some can’t. It doesn’t mean you can’t love the boho style if you don’t love coloured walls.

If you like your walls calm and neutral, you can add the creative atmosphere with textiles and accessories and we will give these accents more attention over the course of this mini series.

Neutral walls will need interest however and artwork (lots of) is the absolute best way to pile on the bohemian vibe.


I recently celebrated a milestone birthday - what? have I told you already? - And I pleaded with the husband to buy me this amazing screen print by London artist Rowan Newton.

I can’t tell you what impact this print has had on me and my home. Since I got it,  I’ve realised I need more art in my life and (this is the life changing bit) absurdly, I’d rather buy artwork than shoes. 

So the best way I can think of to express the importance of art in a boho home is this disturbing revelation: You must love art more than shoes. 

Now, back to basics...

When you imagine Kate Moss throwing parties at her Cotswold pad, do you imagine a new build with perfectly painted magnolia walls. Er, no. Of course not; too basic.

You imagine a crumbling pile and peeling paint… a messy kind of gaff where dogs are allowed on beds, right? Because a staple of the bohemian look is relaxed grandeur. It is a couldn’t-care-less attitude to ageing that can be hard to pull off. Unless, like Mossy, you are insanely beautiful.

But let me tell you a secret. You don’t have to live in a Georgian mansion and wait a few hundred years for the antique wallpaper to peel off in order to achieve this look. Because there is a company that specialise in elegantly distressed wallpaper and fabric - and their products are definitely worthy of a supermodel’s bohemian country crash-pad. That company is Blackpop

Duprez Petit wallpaper: £138 www.blackpop.co.uk

Designer and creator Maxine Hall is the brains behind Blackpop's exquisite range of papers and fabrics, which do luxury and grandeur, with a rock star twist.

Maxine’s design credentials are legendary in themselves. As a child she covered her walls in newspaper print, giving her bedroom an anarchic punk update that she loved for its random pattern. It’s this rebellious streak that sets her wallpaper and fabric designs apart from your standard historically referenced pattern books.

Maxine manages to evoke the rich tapestry of the past in her colour choices and distressed designs, whilst creating something uniquely modern. The designer sums up her thoroughly bohemian inspiration in a literary quote by Edweard Muybridge: "When we walk we leave one step in the past and stride the other towards the future, the gap in between is in the present.

The coolest of cool English shopping institutions, Liberty of London stocks the Blackpop range, which in itself speaks volumes of the emerging brand's style status.

Swivel chair covered in Duprez velvet fabric £120 per metre www.blackpop.co.uk

Blackpop’s latest collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery is hugely exciting. A new collection of wallpaper and fabric - inspired by the world renowned Tudor collection of paintings on display at the museum - will be officially launched at Liberty of London during London Design Week 19th-27th September & interior design trade exhibition, Decorex 20th-23rd, September 2015.

Typically of the brand, this range represents a nod to the past and a wink to the future; it’s where artistic opulence meets thoroughly modern style.

I’m looking forward to covering the seat pad of an old caned begere chair in Blackpop’s quirky Reader velvet to show you how a little bit of this luxury fabric can go a long way in making a style statement. I’ll let you know how I get on in a future post.

But before we leave the subject of wallpaper, I get that some of you may not want to spend a lot of money on designer paper only for it to look knackered. My dad would definitely not approve. Here’s another way to go about elegantly distressed or rather, rocked-up posh.

www.zoffany.com does a stunning range of classic damask papers which evoke all the grandeur of a bygone era. Mash up the style with low, squishy seating, retro furniture and graffiti’d artwork for a Buck-Palace-does-boho vibe that sticks one finger up at decorating rules. 

vanity artwork £161 www.abigailahern.com

And finally, I couldn’t leave any reference to big, hippy damask prints without kneeling down at the altar of Farrow and Ball and thanking them for their Lotus Papers. Respect.

Artistic License

Aside from wall coverings, boho can also be expressed in other artistic ways.  

You’d need to be daring (and ideally an actual artist) to throw watercolours at your walls in this example of boho-gone-bonkers… 

… but I’d be the first to shake you by the hand if you did. Of course the way you style up your textiles afterwards is all part of the masterpiece. 

Good old chalk board paint makes for an ever changing canvas in this inspiring dining space.

And remember rag rolling? A tad retro, but artistic none the less. Refresh your memory and create a Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen style room makeover with this You Tube tutorial: Rag rolling technique

The rooms below demonstrate the idea of faded grandeur using an unfinished paint finish to your walls. Essentially it’s the look you get when you strip off the wallpaper in an old house and reveal layer upon layer of emulsion. If you can bring yourself to appreciate the beauty of the patina and hold back the urge to cover it up again, you’ve got the look nailed with half the effort and none of the cost. Bonus boho points for you.

Paper and frames

Another of my favourite decorating tricks is to use empty gilt frames on pretty patterned papers. I blagged these frames (below) from a local framing shop and the owner was happy to give them away since they were only going to be skipped! 

Others I have picked up from market stalls and car boot sales but often charity shops will have rubbishy prints in fabulous frames for next to nothing. Sling the naff picture (making sure of course that it’s not a rare renaissance masterpiece) and frame your favourite wallpaper instead...

Elsewhere in my house, rich, clashing textures and up-cycled furniture help to reinforce the boho style mash-up I love so much. I'm getting comfy with finer details of this look over the next few weeks here on the blog so please do pop back in and share the love. But only if you’re a Boho Bitch of course* 

*Basic Bitches go grab a sandwich. These posts are basically not for you. xx



The Candy Files: What’s hot, what’s not and what’s what at my place. 
This week… 

House Candy = Boho

Sorry if I’ve been a bit vacant these last couple of weeks. I’ve relocated to my beachfront getaway with the boys and the fluffy one.

Picture me if you will looking all tanned and glowy, hair a bit sun bleached as I lounge around my holiday condo sipping lemon tea. I’m living in cut off jeans and flip flops and my wrists are weighed down with bangles and love beads…. Are you there yet?

Great, well actually I’m in Scarborough, North Yorkshire and it’s a good 10 degrees below the Mediterranean. But I’m not one to to let a number get in the way of my fun and I’m still embracing the Ibizan beach boho vibe, with vengeance.

Boho is back - in fact it never went away - because this is the laid back luxury style that our dream summers are made of.

Sienna Miller owns Boho and it’s handy to keep her in mind if you are wanting to work a bit of the summer hippy vibe into to your home.

Let’s start with a mood board. I’ve collected a few images on Pinterest to get us feeling the ambience: www.pinterest.com

Boho is easy; uncomplicated; relaxed. It looks happily thrown together with an anything goes kind of nonchalance.

You can wear your Bohome with clashing patterns and exotic prints

Or you can go clean and modern, with a bit of hippy on the side

I love everything about this look. In fact I love it so much that I thought I’d spend a couple of summery weeks exploring this whole theme here on the blog.

I’m going to look at cheap and cheerful Boho updates that you can quickly copy, as well as some luxury touches to invest in and escalate your hippy style to a whole other level.

Hope you’ll hang around?


Fine and Candy = Soho

Specifically the roof garden at Soho House, West Hollywood, CA. Boho at Soho with a jug of a Mojito. Know what I’m sayin'?


Candy Pandy = Hobo

Extreme Boheme… It’s a fringe too far, agreed?

Is hippy happening for you? Let me know your thoughts on all things #boho below. You can also get me on Twitter and Facebook - I’d love to hear from you!


Perfectly Floored

Want to know the most favourite thing in my house? This:

Excuse Betsy, she’s tile hugging again. ‘Cause me and Betsy, we LOVE tiles.

These ones in particular are super special. I think they are the most beautiful of all the original features that have survived in our Victorian Villa. They remind me of those patterned colouring books I used to have as a child.

Funny then that colouring in is the stress buster OTM and fancy, geometric floor tiles are also having a moment.

Just like colouring in carefully and staying within the lines, there’s something about encaustic tiled floors that instills mindfulness. So much so, that whole Instagram accounts have been devoted to the appreciation of beautiful floor tiles and I’m one of the biggest fans.

Check out: ihavethisthingwithfloors - 400,000 of us are following this pair of pretty feet as they step on some of the most fabulous floors on the planet.

I’m all for this new found celebration of all that is uber cool, underfoot. In fact I’m putting it out there that gazing skyward is like, so 2014. Looking for divine design inspiration? Look down.

So are you ready to colour in your own thoughtful floorspace? Of course you are. Well lucky then that  there are some unbelievably cool tile companies that specialise in just that.

Bert and May appeared on my style radar early this year and I keep returning to their website for a quick fix floor filler whenever the craving hits. I’m redesigning my entrance way - which is separate to the main hall above - and although it will be a small welcome area, I want to make it WOWy with these:



Churriana tile £6.80 each www.bertandmay.com

Based at their East London studio, Bert and May are ahead of the game when it comes to cool tiled floors. These guys are busy scouring Europe for reclaimed tile treasures as well as designing and hand making their own exquisite collections. Here’s a few more of my favourites to tantalise your tile taste buds…


Alexis tile £4.44 each www.bertandmay.com

Majadas tile in Azure blue £7.40 www.bertandmay.com

Spanish Agudo tile £6 each www.bertandmay.com

Obviously reclaimed tiles are in limited supply, but people there are NO limits to the style points even the smallest square footage of actual antique tiles will add to your pad. I mean, I’m literally dreaming of the day when I can have this conversation: 

“Hey, great tiles, where you get ‘em?” 
“They were salvaged from a bodega in the Cadiz region of Spain.” 


One more idea you might fancy is a patchwork tiled floor. Of course Bert and May do a bespoke mix and match service to die for, but for a budget option, High Street favourite Topps Tiles do a quirky take on period tiling too:

Stamford tiles approx £13 each for a 45cm x 45cm tile  www.toppstiles.co.uk

Of course, no post on tiles would be complete with out a shout out to Fired Earth. I have been known to wander round these showrooms in a similar way to how normal people visit art galleries. 


Valetta Encaustic tile www.firedearth.com


Toulouse floor tile http:/www.firedearth.com

I know, it’s time I got help. And it’s also time the husband treated me to a bit of Marrakech in my wet room.

But that’s a whole other post. For now, I must focus on getting my entrance way done. Look out for my size 4’s (and a couple of fluffy white paws) appearing on an Instagram feed near you ;-)

photo ℅ www.inkygoodness.com

So where do you stand on the great tiled floor debate? Want a piece of Italian piazza in your pad? Or are you more of a simple slate gal? It would be great if you could comment below or how about we start our own floor inspired hashtag? I’m thinking #ToesOnTiles could go viral, no?

Put your best foot forward peeps, have a great week xx