Every Cloud...

Cloud shelf, £30 www.urbanoutfitters.com
It’s back to school time. But don’t worry, because every cloud has a cool geometric print lining. Well this one does anyway and it’s given my new nerdy work nook a new lease of life.

My Nerd Nook is a great place to keep the debris of busy family business all neat and tidy. It’s also given this awkward under the stairs dumping ground a very important purpose.

Lovers of vintage G Plan will be horrified to see that I painted this retro bureau trendy grey and white. Gah! I was foolish to ignore its iconic potential when my mother in law chucked it out 10 years ago, but whilst I loved its modernist shape, I loathed its boring brown-ness.

It’s been a couple of different shades now and though the older, wiser me would love it back in its original glory, I reckon this savvy little dresser quite likes keeping up with the latest trends too.

Writing bureau’s may seem very old school, but they still tick all the right boxes for space saving practicality. If you can’t find a cool vintage one and don’t fancy an up cycle job there are some beautiful contemporary writing desks out there too. This Origami secretary desk makes for a bright and cheerful work spot and may just be a future design classic too.

£767 www.thelongeststay.com
Nerd Nook Nic-Nacs

When I’m writing, I like to surround myself with inspiring objects for a bit of extra motivation. Here’s a few that have made it through the Bank Holiday edit.

This little fellow wooed me from a market stall recently. His job is to bestow me with his infinite wisdom. (Big ask for a little guy. Agreed)

A literary lol in a fun frame beats those dull desk photos right? This frame is from Marks and Spencer.

I’ve always wanted a light box and did actual cartwheels when I unwrapped this beauty for my birthday.  Such a great gift idea from the mecca of great gift ideas www.notonthehighstreet.com

My cut glass jar fetish knows no bounds, but look - they are useful AND pretty and there are worse habits right? This is one of many pencil pots that are dotted around the place. Cheap as greasy school chips.

Always, ALWAYS buy yourself a lovely notebook if you’re embarking upon a big new project or just want to encourage productive list making. I promise you that first-page-neat-writing feeling never goes away. 

I could write you an essay on stationery shopping, but as your time is precious I will cut to the conclusion instead. Paperchase and Urban Outfitters do some sick ones.

Notebook, £6 www.paperchase.co.uk

So that’s my new term nerd nook, fully restocked with fresh paper,  envelopes, paper clips, damn it there’s even a hole punch in there. A* for effort I reckon, but what for attainment? And more importantly, is the tuck shop open yet? 

Happy new term classmates x

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